Sunday, January 20, 2008

Aval Allah Noor Upaaya

I once heard Raagi Harjinder Singh Ji sing this shabad(hymns) from Gurbani ..and absolutely loved it ...It is written by Bhagat Kabeer Ji and is a part of Sri Guru Granth Sahib ...

the first few lines are

Aval Allah noor upaaeiaa kudrat ke sab bandey ||
Ek noor te sab jag upajaiaa koun bhalae ko mande ?
logaa bharam n bhoolahu bhaaee ||
khaalik khalak.. khalak mehi khaalik poor rahiou srab thaii....

I also found the translation of whole shabad online

First, Allah created the Light;
then, by His Creative Power, He made all mortal beings.
From the One Light, the entire universe welled up.
So who is good, and who is bad? ||1||

O people, O Siblings of Destiny, do not wander deluded by doubt.
The Creation is in the Creator, and the Creator is in the Creation,
totally pervading and permeating all places. ||1||Pause||

The clay is the same,
but the Fashioner has fashioned it in various ways.
There is nothing wrong with the pot of clay
- there is nothing wrong with the Potter. ||2||

The One True Lord abides in all;
by His making, everything is made.
Whoever realizes the Hukam of His Command,
knows the One Lord.
He alone is said to be the Lord's slave. ||3||

The Lord Allah is Unseen; He cannot be seen.
The Guru has blessed me with this sweet molasses.
Says Kabeer, my anxiety and fear have been taken away;
I see the Immaculate Lord pervading everywhere.


Krishna. N. C. said...

Dearest Dipti,
Your post has really made my day:))It is really so beautiful!
" I see the Immaculate Lord pervading everywhere"...this sums it all up wonderfully.
Thank you sweetheart for sharing Kabir saheb's touching words..I have always loved and respected His true Sufi Philosophy!
May Allah bless you with His Noor:)
Love and Hugs:)

Dipti said...

Dearest Sister Krishna .. Thanks so much for your loving words and encouragement ..
love and blessings

physical world said...

Krishna gave a good comment here she told about the God blessings with his noor---very beautiful!
The knowledge of the creation is the knowledge of creator...Allahu noor-us-samawati wal-arz = Allah is the light of heavens and the earth---here the light (noor) is the knowledge of creation...Allah himself a fire of love---he gave us a little quantity of the form of self...we just need to ignite it with his noor...
May Allah bless you all with his beautiful knowledge..

അപ്പൂപ്പന്‍താടി said...

Thank you..

Anonymous said...

Thank you for another awesome post. Keep up the good work.